Elevating and Igniting your music program

In this session Janice will talk to award winning music educator Robb Janov about his transformational work with Rock and Rhythm programs in middle school.

Robb has dedicated 22 years to providing innovative music classes to underserved populations in public schools. His national award-winning mid-school Rock and Rhythm™ program has been featured on the PBS Newshour, KNME/PBS ¡Colores!, KUNM radio, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque the Magazine and multiple newscasts. In addition to being named a PBS American Graduate Champion and ING (Voya) Unsung Hero, Janov has presented a TEDxABQ Talk, received a Creative Bravos Award and has received numerous local and national grants. The success of the program ignited the Albuquerque Public School district to construct a Rock and Rhythm rehearsal/performance facility, specially designed for the unique methodology and approach.

Rock and Rhythm™ does much more than bring music to an underserved population of students. It gives those students a sense of belonging and a sense of empowerment, with a focus on helping them make good lives for themselves. Faced with numerous obstacles and challenges, Janov has pushed back against the status quo in music education, and public schools in general, to develop a truly modern and innovative approach to learning music that provides every student a chance to succeed in school and in life.

In order to reach a wider population, including elementary and high school students, Janov launched a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Rock and Rhythm Project/Foundation. The nonprofit organization seeks to:

1. Provide accessible and innovative music instruction, instruments and performance opportunities to students of all ages, regardless of experience, ability, or socioeconomic status.

2. Help music teachers discover new ways to inspire students by incorporating novel methodologies into new or existing music programs.

Robb has a rich background as a classical violinist, including 4 seasons with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and performances with Indiana University’s Orchestra program. Robb currently performs using an innovative 6-string electric violin as a solo live-looping one-person band (Violin Electra-Loop) and also performs gypsy jazz, swing, funk and salsa with a variety of ensembles.

Educators and educational organizations interested in bringing Robb’s energy and innovative ideas to their classrooms, schools or districts can visit the Rock and Rhythm™ website www.midschoolrock.org or contact him directly [email protected]