Where to start with Drums & Percussion

Janice will speak to experienced percussion & drumming specialist Peter Matzick and learn the basics of how to inspire classes with drums and percussion.


Peter Matzick has been teaching percussion for over 30 years and is currently employed with the South Australian Instrumental Music Service of the Department for Education and Child Development, teaching percussion in Primary and Secondary Schools. He has also taught for the Commercial Music Course through TAFE and in many of the Private Schools throughout Adelaide.

Peter is an experienced drum kit player who has worked as a professional musician for over 25 years. His versatility has seen him work with jazz greats James Morrison, Don Burrows, and Don Lusher, and he has appeared with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. 1996 saw Peter tour Australia with the Legends of Rock from the United States and Canada and more recently supported jazz great Tony Bennett with Julie Anthony, worked with Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, and rhythm and blues stars The Drifters.

Peter understands the needs of classroom teachers in the area of percussion and has been chosen for this conference as someone who can help teachers understand the basics of the drum kit and how it should best be used in the classroom and band situations.


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