How to meet the needs of your curriculum and teach fun and fulfilling music lessons at the same time.

In her own session Janice will discuss the needs of the US common core curriculum and give you complete confidence that whatever curriculum you need to follow that you will be able to do that in an effective way, plus engage and motivate your students to come to music class full of life every day!

Janice is the creative director of The Fun Music Company, and your host for this conference.

Janice will interview each one of the guests, plus provide extensive notes and resources so that you get the most out of each of the sessions.

Janice passionately believes in the value of music education, and therefore seeks to not only provide outstanding quality products and services, but to build the future for our children through quality music education.

As well as her own session on curriculum, Janice will also introduce each day, and provide a series of ‘tech talks’ to bring you the latest in skills and techniques on the latest software innovations used in music education.


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