Creative and Musical Ways to Achieve Learning and Engagement

Janice will speak with one of Australia’s most highly regarded trainers and clinicians in the Orff approach about ways to find creative and musical ways to achieve learning and engagement with Orff.




Dr Carol Richards is well known in Australia as one of Australia’s finest teachers and presenters of the Off approach to music education. She received the inaugural Award of Honour from the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk in the year 2000, and has continued to teach and present levels courses throughout Australia and across the world since then.

For over 50 years Carol has been involved in many aspects of Orff Schulwerk. She studied at Ball State University with Arnold Burkhardt in the late 1960s, attended the English course at the Orff Institute (a semester) in the 1980s, and completed a Graduate Diploma in Dance and attended Level 3 at St Thomas with Jane Frazee.

Carol has used the Orff approach in my teaching at Richmond Girls High, then Monbulk High school in Victoria before becoming a music consultant for schools in the region.  She was then able to teach in schools with children with special needs and in primary schools to give demonstration lessons to teachers.

In the period from 1980 to the present Carol has given hundreds of workshops and level courses.  She wrote the Guidelines for the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk Level Courses, trained the presenters, and have acted as Chair of that committee since 2000.

Carol has also been an invited presenter at the American AOSA conference when it was held in Louisville, Kentucky, and an invited presenter at a Salzburg Summer School some years ago as well.  Carol is still presenting workshops and courses in Hong Kong, China, and the US as well as in Australia.




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