Janice Tuck

Your Host of the Virtual Conference

Julian Treasure

Expert on listening and communication

Dr Anita Collins

Leading researcher in Music Education

John O’Reilly

Legendary band clinician and author

Dr Jill Trinka

Expert in Kodály philosophy and practice

Andy Beck

Choral clinician, composer & arranger

Renee Grant Williams

World's #1 vocal coach!

Sue Cowley

International expert in behaviour management

Robyn Staveley

Researcher in Neuropedagogy

Dr Carol Richards

International expert in Orff Schulwerk

Robb Janov

Expert in student engagement

Dr Elise Sobol

Author and expert in special learners

Dr Alice Hammel

Expert in inclusive education

Donna Clark Love

Expert in bullying prevention

Don Hicks

Expert in classroom guitar

Peter Matzick

Expert drum & percussion tutor


What you'll learn at the 2018 Virtual Music Education Conference